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Forgive Marketing Gurus for Opening the Vault and Giving this Marketing Secret Out for FREE but...

Posted 11/26/2014

By Paul Marshall:


... I have heard just one too many Stories of Struggling Business Owners Paying out BIG Dollars $$$ in Advertising and Only Getting an Occasional  Response from a “Blow Fish” Customer – that will have to be cut from the list and thrown back into the current.

What I am about to deliver is a “Well Guarded” Marketing Secret that has been and still is today, used by savvy marketers, will cost you pennies only and reveals what building relationships in business really means.

 Building business relationships is not about paying and going to some “Networking” event shuffling up and handing out a deck of business cards and hoping that the recipients are going to play a hand and call you tomorrow and buy your product or service.  


Don’t get me wrong, these are great places to have a coffee, meet some people and tell some good jokes  but if you want BIG results than you will want to look at building business relationships by strategic selection, planning, proposing, and executing WIN/WIN Buildabusinessfast strategies guaranteed to spew out money faster than an alcohol intoxicated Lotto Winner does 24 hours after picking up the winnings!!!.


Seriously folks, there are a lot of different styles of marketing one can use. But regardless of circumstances, using cheap or FREE marketing strategies that reaches a large audience, or an approach that will get you a lot of customers as quickly as possible is always valuable.


When most people start a business, they must get customers in the doors or on the mailing list as quickly as possible and many times believe the money spent on advertising the more customers they will get. Sorry to break the news but this is many times just a waste of money.


One way to get and reach your target market and catch their attention is through a host-beneficiary (WIN/WIN) relationship in which you provide your product as a gift that a large, well-known Company gives out to its customers. This arrangement is good for both members of the agreement because the new business receives a lot of quality prospects quickly, while the endorsing business is able provide its customers with a loyalty incentive without paying a large sum of money.


One startup that was able to use this method successfully was a high-end clothing company. The company asked BMW to send out a letter to every woman who had been a customer. If the women brought in the letter to the clothing boutique, then they would receive a FREE $100 Kimono. More than 600 women took up the offer and went into the store for the FREE Kimono. The women that responded spent an average of $400 when they visited the store. The new boutique ended up...

spending $9,600 and received $240,000 worth of sales.


While this can be a great marketing strategy for many businesses and if executed correctly will deliver a very powerful conversion rate - it can only work if you do the proper research and provide the right gift through the right Company to the right target market.


I Dare you to Change:


Instead of just writing a cheque and paying out thousands of $$$ in advertising and getting the same poor results and then complaining that the economy is about to go through another GFC…listen Up!!!


Below are some KEY STEPS to help you choose the right gift, Company, and market.


  • Develop a detailed definition of your target market. Marketing novices may define a target market as women between the ages of 35 and 55, but you need to do much more than that in order to make this marketing approach (and most others) successful. You need to decide on an income range, brands the audience will typically choose, where they may live, what kind of cars they typically drive, and so much more. You should think about everything that your target market might own or do.


  •  Figure out which local businesses serve that same target market. In the case mentioned above, the clothing boutique owners did research to determine that their target market typically drove BMWs or similar cars. They used this information to decide that the women who shopped at the local BMW dealership were the women who they should target.


  • Choose a product that has a high perceived value, but low production costs. In the example above, the Kimonos only cost $16 to make and attain, but they were sold for $100. The women who went in to claim the free kimono thought that they were getting a very expensive product, when in reality; it was fairly inexpensive for the boutique.


  • Make sure your customer contact i.e. sales people or other is up to the task and have the ability to make sales when the customer flood comes in.


If you follow these guidelines for choosing a target market, a product, and select and successfully negotiate with a well-known Company to endorse your product, then you have a very high chance of being just as successful as the clothing boutique in generating sales quickly.


Done correctly this Golden Tip can has the power to take a struggling business and turn it around into a high powered TURO CHARGED cash spewing machine that will get you moving fast to your chosen destination.


Would love to hear any other similar strategy you may have used or hear your results from using this one.


About the Author:


Paul Marshall is a HR Pro, a corporate trainer, and a trusted and welcomed business partner with commercial awareness and extensive expertise in people and performance.


He draws upon life experiences from a wide range of money making pursuits and adventures and translates this into simple “Golden Tips” to offer readers shortcut pathways to business and career success.


Paul is an author of:

103 Golden Tips to Turbo Charge your Business make More Money and Get Rich

103 Golden Tips to Turbo Charge your Employees Skyrocket Productivity and Get More Output


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