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HE LOST THE LOT - Big Mansion, Rolls Royce's and a Glittering Lifestyle - BUT...he had the knowledge and the motivation to rebuild!!!

Posted 9/29/2014


By Paul Marshall

Selling is the *NUMBER 1* skill one MUST have or learn if you are going to build a business fast and this applies to online business too. EVERY GOOD BUSINESS PERSON KNOWS HOW TO SELL!!! 


If one does not know how to sell, then your business will probably struggle financially. All the great business people knew how to sell and could always deliver an exciting, entertaining and motivating pitch of their chosen product or service.


Many years ago I had the privilege to work with a marketer who had made a fortune i.e. BIG MANSION, ROLLS ROYCES AND A GLITTERING LIFESTYLE but, soon after attaining this – he had lost the lot. He was desperate to reclaim his fortune and this was very noticeable when working with him in his small but centrally located office.

About the Author: 

Paul Marshall aka Australia’s Golden Tips Authority carries the player of life flame and has participated in a wide range of money making and related ventures from stocks and futures trading to real estate investing and a whole lot in between.  

With a rich and extensive background and a super generic skills base sharpened by many years in senior corporate positions, Paul is a HR Pro, a Corporate Trainer, and a welcomed Business Partner with expertise in people capabilities.   

Paul is an author of his 2 best selling books: 

His knew business was selling advertising. Others and I put up with a lot of angst but when this broke marketing genius invited you to come out on the road with him and meet a client together – well the angst was worth bearing. To see this MARKETING PRO in action and then later get the debrief on the meeting that just took place was worth its weight in gold.


Anyone who has seen a fully motivated, TURBO CHARGED PRO MARKETER and salesperson in action will know what I am talking about here. These meetings were far from BORING but super entertaining, amusing and strategically crafted to achieve an end result that had been for many years consciously, with information and subconsciously, by REM - pounded into the mind of this MASTER PERSUADING EXPERT. It was entertainment plus!!!  


If you’re in Business and Hate Selling Then You need To - LEARN HOW TO LOVE IT!

It’s only when one learns the ability to sell that one is able to charge high product and/or service fees and still get paid the amount they ask for? If not for the ability to sell, how did the Wright brothers manage to convince the world about their first invented aircraft when people could still live and travel without them and - avoid the risk of falling out of the sky? Richard Branson – marketing genius, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (for the Apple fans) and the list goes on....  

You may already have: 

  1. A great idea that you think you can make money from,
  2. An amazing service that can help people experiencing life changing challenges,
  3. A product that solves a specific problem, and/or
  4. A business or income opportunity to provide to people online.

Fact is - if one does not know how to sell, then one cannot turn an idea or product into a money-producing asset, no matter how great or high in quality product or service actually is. It’s unfortunate because many people have amazing and million-dollar ideas, but more often than not, they do not have the skill to sell them let alone instil commercial value in their ideas or products.


I hate to say this but - whether you are selling your intellectual asset, service, tangible goods, or whatever kind of product or solution, without the ability to sell, your product or asset is worth nothing. In Fact;


*One runs the risk that an imitator who does know how to market and sell will rip the  product or service from under them and CASH IN THE CHIPS FAST .

That’s pretty scary Right*?


The good news is that it’s really is an amazing time to be living because now with the Internet as AN AMAZING WORLD WIDE LEVERAGE. There is no need for you to go door to door to sell. The internet has given us the opportunity to accomplish much more than we could ever accomplish in conventional business.


Do you remember the old “door to door” days? Well today there is no need for us to travel to meet prospects as the Internet brings every Internet user to ones computer screen. There is also no need to recruit salespeople – or even do the selling yourself manually with every single prospect! All one needs to spread the word about a products or service is a Powerful Results Generating Sales Letter.


A Sales Letter is Your New 24/7 Working Sales Person

A sales letter is a virtual sales person. A sales letter does all the selling on your behalf to your prospects. Unlike conventional sales and marketing, there is no need for one to train and recruit multiple sales people. All  efforts can be to focus on creating a powerful sales letter that produces around 3-5% conversion rate on your behalf, and better later on.


In other words, for every 100 prospects that visit your web page, 3-5 % of them will be your customers. After that, you just provide the marketing and draw in targeted prospects to visit the sales letter and it will do all the selling to your prospects for you.


Sales letters should be a personal letter from you to your prospect. In your letter, you convey to the visitor the reasons and benefits your product or service can deliver.


3 Key Skills to Create a 24/7 Working Sales Letter   

To pen a good sales letter to act as a 24 hour “we never sleep” sales person check out the following key skills:


1. Good Understanding of English and Writing.

One need to have good writing skills and a good command of English, at least to be able to formulate and write a reasonable sales letter and copy. Keep the reader exited and entertained.


2. Being Friendly, Approachable, Genuine and have Personality and a View is Required.

Yes, it’s a bit of list but they all help. You will be writing and entertaining and somewhat personal letter from you to your customers so be friendly and approachable in your letter. Don’t write a stiff, boring letter, because not only is it boring to read, people will get turned away from the web page faster than Road Runner moves on a good day.

Mix writing skills with personality, and make the most of website visitors and who knows – maybe make a client and/or friend for life!


And last but not least, you need to…


3. Take Action and Get Traction!

Like anything in life – nothing can get started or improved until rubber hits the road. There is wealth of information on how to write killer sales and advertising copy. So what are you waiting for?


About the Author:


Paul Marshall is a HR Pro, corporate trainer, author and a trusted and welcomed business partner with commercial awareness and extensive expertise in people, performance and organisational capabilities.


He draws from years of life, experiences, thoughts, education, arts, failures, learning’s and successes and translates this into simple Golden Tips to be used to shortcut pathways to business and career success.


Paul is an author of: 

103 Golden Tips to Turbo Charge your Business make More Money and Get Rich

103 Golden Tips to Turbo Charge your Employees Skyrocket Productivity and Get More Output



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