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Beware...Are you Buying a Business, a Job or a Future Crises?

Posted 9/13/2014


By Paul Marshall

When one finds a business to buy, one will need to consider a number of points before deciding whether to purchase it.


Not all business will stack up. In fact, you may be buying an average paying job, an underpaying job, an underpaying and overworked job or...A CRISES.


You may want to take a very good close look at some key areas of the business and at least answer the following 21 point checklist.


 This quick 21 POINT CHECK LIST will go a long way on determining whether the business you are considering is a sound investment or crises that is about to put you in a padded cell.


 I am sure you don't want to experience a crises or end up in a padded cell so take not and read on...

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