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TOP Leaving Success To Chance!"


"Just ONE Of These Golden Tips Could Help You Create An Extraordinary Business or, If You Are Already In Business, Help You Create An Incredible Money Making Machine" 


Peppered with inspirational quotes from the past and present “BIG BOY” and “BIG GIRL” movers and shakers, this book delivers key information on the history of money, banks and wealth accumulation.

Written in simple and easy to understand language, Paul reveals secret key levers to cashflow as well as many other “not so common” business essentials that can be beneficially applied to almost all businesses.


Valuable golden tips on people management, marketing and the Internet are also revealed capturing many of the key elements in investigating, purchasing and operating a business in today’s competitive environments.



This book will assist you to become totally inspired and you will have no excuse not to take action on your creative ideas, business ventures, moneymaking and other pursuits. You will learn and be consistently reminded that the definition of failure is not results or outcomes, but just one very simple definition; “no action”.

This book has been designed for the reader who wants to “TAKE ACTION NOW”, leave the spectators and theorists and, become a player in the game of life. Read this book! Stop thinking poor! Eliminate your excuses! TAKE ACTION NOW!





 If you're sceptical, that's normal and healthy. I'll show you how you can prove to yourself that with the right information you could easily avoid a major pitfall and put yourself in the winners circle!


"Hundreds of proven business building techniques that can be used to build a business fast in order to compete in today's highly competitive markets. Truly, a must read for anyone serious about generating cash flow"

Mal Emery CEO & Business Coach Magnetic Marketing

  Dear Friend


There is no doubt about it. Operating a business can be tough. You will be confronted with money and cash flow problems, limited resources, people issues, wheeling and dealing, sunk costs, this costs, that costs, marketing, website building, testing, failure, and then have to do it all over again.


Even tougher is when you purchase an overpriced business, make the business broker and vendor rich, begin working profusely only to discover a short time later that you have become an overworked and underpaid slave to your business. Congratulations! You finally realized you just purchased an overpriced and underpaid JOB. Sound tough? IT GETS TOUGHER.


6 months later, and whilst working long hours, doing work you now hate with a passion, you decide you “want out” so you put the business on the market. The offers you receive are $200,000 below what you paid. You start thinking, “this cant be right”. Unfortunately, when you buy or sell a business there is no wrong or right. Just what the market is prepared to pay.


What really annoyed you is that small fat bald guy who offered “no money down” but was willing to take over your 5 year lease and get you out of your problem. “What a nerve he had right”? WRONG! This offer should have been your initial purchase offer - but you just didn’t know any better.


You eventually sell the business and after calculations and taking into consideration what you paid yourself whilst you worked in your business that after 24 months hard work you’re down $120,000. Believe it or not this is not a “one off”. This is a common outcome. Many times the outcome is much worse than this. “BOY DOES THAT HURT”. There is however a shortcut to knowing exactly what to do. Announcing;  


"103 Golden Tips to Turbo Charge Your Business, Make More Money and Get Rich"


Written by myself and peppered with inspiration quotes from the worlds past and present “BIG BOY” and “BIG GIRL” movers and shakers this 220 -page Kick Your Competitors Butt manual delivers to you like a highly paid consultant, 103 Golden Tips guaranteed to accelerate your business success. I am going to deliver so much value that you will want to get this book immediately. And I mean it!  This book features 5 parts and has been designed for the reader who wants to “take action now” and become a player in the game of life.


Part 1: Golden Tips of Money, Banks, Finance and Cash Flow

To be successful in business you must understand money. In this first part we check out how and why money was created, and major historical developments in money. We cover the banking system, talk about cash flow, look at ways you can become a money magnet and a truckload more information that includes:

  • Facts About Money
  • Facts about Coins
  • Facts about Paper Money
  • Facts about Australian Money
  • What you need to know about Banks
  • Banks Create Money
  • Banks and the Gold Standard
  • The Secrets of Swiss Banks and Gold Francs
  • How to Have More Dollars
  • Understand the Purpose of Business
  • How to find an Accountant that has your Interest in Mind
  • Get Familiar with Asset Turnover
  • The Secret of Profit and The Four Keys
  • More Investment Formulas you must know
  • How to Secure a Business Using Creativity and not your Money
  • No Money Down Deals using Vendor Finance
  • How to Avoid Sunk Costs and Manage a Financial Crises
  • How to Start a New Income Stream and Increase Your Financial Security
  • How to Prepare Yourself for Taxation

After reading this section you will have a better understanding about money, business dealings, and the worlds economic systems than most people accumulate in a lifetime. But I am not going to stop yet. You got a whole lot more learning to do!


Part 2: Golden Tips of Business Essentials

In this part we expose you to some of the best business success techniques so you can begin quickly digesting tried and true success strategies. Just check out what your about to learn in Part 2:

  • Know what an Entrepreneur is to know what it is you Want
  • Become Honorable – Become an Entrepreneur
  • Major in Majors
  • Create and use a Mastermind Team
  • Create an Abundance Mindset Using 7 X 70
  • How to Develop Money Making Ideas
  • Everything is Negotiable – Make it a Habit to Negotiate
  • Have the End in Mind when you buy a Business
  • Sell your way to Success
  • Explode Your Possibilities by Goal Setting
  • Eight Steps to Successful Goal Setting
  • Discover Visualization, and become Rich
  • Create your Destiny with Affirmations
  • Take Responsibility for Yourself and Your Action and “Make it Happen”
  • If You Have an Idea Get Started Today
  • Learn a little before you ‘Jump in the Deep End’
  • Understand that Failure is the Result from no Action
  • Find and use Mentors
  • Avoid Legal Action and the Courts
  • How to Put it all Together

Part 2 has been designed to explode your thinking and ensure that your mind is not only focused on the hands on tasks, but also focused on the keys that present opportunities and strongly encourage success. But it doesn’t stop here. You got 3 more “HARD HITTING” parts to digest.


Part 3: Golden Tips of People Management

How many times have you heard people say, “managing people is a headache”, or “the last thing you want to do is manage people”. You see, you hear these comments because many people lack the skill needed to effectively manage people. Effectively managing people can present to you great opportunities for personal and business development, and compliment your moneymaking ventures. Just check out what you are about to learn in Part 3;

  • Beware of the Hidden Liability of Existing Employees
  • What you need to Know About Business Conveyance
  • Be Open About the Terms and Conditions of Employment with your People
  • How to get the Right People on your Team
  • Appraise your People Daily, not Every Six Months
  • You Must Catch Your Staff Doing Something Right Today and Everyday
  • Become a Lighthouse and Shine the Light
  • How to Give Feedback to Increase Moral and Productivity
  • How To Resolve An Argument By Listening
  • How to Best Fix your Peoples Grievances
  • How to Stop Grievances Occurring
  • How to Treat Your People as good as your Customers
  • Don't Criticize your People In Front Of Others
  • Give Feedback on your Peoples Behavior not His or Her Personality.
  • Encourage your People to take up Beneficial Social Activities
  • Inspire your People by Including your People in the Big Plan
  • Inspire your People by Encouraging Input and by keeping them Informed
  • Inspire your People by Goal Setting and Reward
  • Say Thank you, to the People who make it Happen

The ability to be able to manage people effectively is both a skill, and an art. The skill lies in the knowledge needed. The art lies in the knowledge complemented by practice. Part 3 will give you the knowledge to get it right the first time. “BOY WHAT A PART”! So what’s next? You guessed it! Marketing.


Part 4: Golden Tips of Marketing

Marketing equal’s cash flow but get this! Many businesses today do not know how to advertise and market effectively. You only have to pick up the phone directory to see this fact. Many businesses would rather just coast along and hope the economy will change. This they believe will fix the problem and give them more sales. Maybe they should just book into a fortune telling session right? WRONG!


Lets forget about hope, luck, and fortune telling and open the vault to tried and true marketing tips designed to “kick your market and cough up some customers". Look what’s in stall for you in Part 4: Golden Tips of Marketing

  • Discover what Marketing Really Is
  • Discover ‘Smart Marketing’
  • Minimize your Risk by First Testing your Market
  • Discover your Biggest Asset
  • Learn why a Mailing List can be your Biggest Asset
  • How to Build A Mailing List
  • How to Calculate the Life Time Value of a Customer
  • Learn the Secrets that Verbs Play in your Advertising, Copy and Sales Presentations.
  • Generate Interest in your Advertising and Copy by Featuring a Benefits List
  • How to write a Headline and Increase Your Response Rate by up to 500%
  • You must use “call to action” (Command) Copy
  • How to Create the Desired Perception of your Product or Service
  • Educate the Reader and Offer Bonuses to Increase Perceived Value
  • Get and Use Testimonials
  • Use Simple Words, Short Sentences, and Lots of White Space
  • Be Number 1, Claim Authority and Speak with it
  • Use a Proven Format for your Advertising
  • How to Create an Unique Buying Advantage
  • Create Reasons to buy your Products Instead of Trying to Write Catchy Phrases
  • Get Free Advertising by Using Editorials
  • How to Steal Customers from your Competitors using your Fax
  • How to keep your Customers Loyal to your Business
  • Focus on Three Key Principles to Build your Business

Don’t underestimate what these little beauties can do for your business. You could be doubling profits in 60 days. Remember, marketing equals cash flow and with cash flow you can fix almost any business problem.


Writing a business book on turbo charging a business in the 21st century without featuring the Internet, would be like trying to make a box office smash movie without a movie star. Sure, it can be done but the benefits that the Internet present for garage based businesses, home based business, and corporate businesses cant be ignored. to the Internet then this part will open up opportunities that you may not known existed. If you are familiar with the Internet then this part will no doubt reinforce what you already know.


Finally, if you’re an “Internet Marketing Potato” then this part will get you off  your couch and taking action instead of getting "cut up" and thrown into the frying pan. So that you don't miss out on the greatest gold rush in history you will discover...


Part 5: Golden Tips of the Internet

  • Facts you must know about the Internet
  • How to use the Internet to make Money
  • How to Build a Website
  • How to Reduce your Website Download Time
  • Know what makes a Money Making Website
  • A Website that can’t make a Sale is a Shop without a Cash Register
  • What you want to sell on the Internet
  • How to Get People to Visit your Website
  • Follow up Customers for Big $$$
  • Joint Ventures and Other Traffic Generators.
  • How to Start an E-zine or E-letter
  • How to get started fast with Reprint and Product Rights
  • Explode your Product Range with Reprint and Product Rights
  • When should you buy Reprint and Product Rights
  • More Essentials on Reprint and Product Rights
  • Every Person has a book Inside Themselves
  • How to Become a Self-Publishing Infopreneur
  • Ten Reasons why Self-Publishing beats a Publishing Deal
  • Digital Publishing - The best Internet Business of them all
  • Steps to Automation and Internet Success

 Boy, what a part. This delivers! But lets take a look at the whole package. This book contains all these parts, a total of 5 parts. It all adds up to a total of 103 Golden Tips to Turbo Charge Your Business, Make More Money and Get Rich. 





"Absolutely Awesome! I have owned and operated a lot of businesses in my time that include mining, real estate, marketing, training and many more. I have to say that this book delivers real practical information in an easy to understand format. I recommend this book to anyone who is hesitating at trying new ventures and that requires enthusiasm, motivation, and guidance. Awesome book!  

Allan Oakes Director - Astute Income Opportunities

How much would you expect to pay for a business book or manual of this caliber? Good question! If a consultant came into your business tomorrow or spent a whole day with you, regurgitating these 103 Golden Tips, chances are you would be pretty happy right? The consultants cost for this service will probably be anywhere from AUD $1000 - 3000 upwards but this manual is not going to cost you anywhere near that much.


You could learn these secrets through personal experience. But beware, it could cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to go down this road. But this choice is open to you. Or, you could take the easy way out and secure this book today. Considering what it teaches, most people expect it to cost a whole lot more than what it actually does...way less than just $50. Is that value for money or what?


Now consider what your life could be like if you do acquire this information. Before you know it, your advertising response rates can be soaring and you business will be purring like a well oiled money making machine. You could be attracting more hot leads and customers than ever before. Your business could be turbo charged and flooded with cash.


 To Your Business Success

 Paul Marshall                                                                        

P.S. This really is one of the hottest and easiest to digest business turbo charging book available. You'll discover powerful strategies for buying and operating a business to its full, and often hidden potential and profiting like never before. 


"I have had hands on exposure with the development concept, marketing, branding and advertising. Keeping it in house has helped me keep control of the concepts. I use your products as a tool which I refer to, in order to keep me on track".

 Tony Ivory Director - The Back and Neck Company