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"Attention; Business Owners, Directors, HR Managers, People Managers, Supervisors and anyone else responsible for managing people and people agreements... 


Just ONE of these Golden Tips could instantly relieve you of your people management headache, skyrocket your employee productivity  and greatly assist you to create an employer of choice business.


Featuring key information sourced from “BIG BOY” and “BIG GIRL” movers and shakers, this book has been designed for the reader who wants to “TAKE ACTION” and leave complicated, unpractical and guaranteed promise breaking strategies to those who just thrive on sounding “corpora-important”.     


After reading this book you will have a holistic insight into people management concerns and be armed with "103 Golden Tips" to combat some of the more challenging and toxic workplace environments.


You will be inspired and will have no excuse not to take action on presented people management tips and business building and output increasing ideas. You will learn and be consistently reminded that the definition of poor people management is not simplicity but rather complex, bureaucratic, and untrustworthy “Johnny come lately” management and leadership strategies that fail to deliver. 


Read this book! Stop thinking managing people is hard! Eliminate you need to know! Don’t make a promise! Keep it simple stupid! Manage the Agreement! TAKE ACTION NOW!




Skeptical ?, that's normal and healthy. I'll show you how you can rid yourself of the constant headaches you may be currently experiencing from managing people...


Must Must read for HR and business leaders!

103 Golden Tips is for HR or business leaders that want to take their organizations to the next level. CEOs and organization leaders are now placing a greater emphasis on building their talent, engaging their workforces and enhancing their culture more than ever before. And, in this book, Paul Marshall, has provided excellent and spot-on advice on how they can succeed in these endeavors.

This is not a book for theorists. It's packed full of actionable people practices that are "must haves" for any organization that wants to grow and thrive in today's competitive economy. If 103 tips seem intimidating, the book is anything but. Indeed, it contains practical recommendations, sage advice, case examples and insightful tips that are brilliantly offered page after page. I will refer to this book often in my work with organizations and I highly recommend it without reservation to every HR practitioner and business leader that wants to gain ground or stay out in front of their competition.

Alan Collins
Founder, Success in HR
Former Vice President - Human Resources, PepsiCo


Dear Friend,


There is no doubt about it. Managing people is a tough GIG. You will be confronted with low morale, disputes, grievances, bullying, harassment, conflict, aggressive competitiveness, requests for pay increases, requests for more resources, problems, and abuse AND A WHOLE LOT MORE. Truthfully, I don't have enough room to continue to tell you all of these challenges. 


If you have been managing or supervising people for some time now then I know – you already have the message! If you have to go and do it all again tomorrow then these same old people confrontations are just going to nag at you deeper and deeper and deeper. I know I sound like a hypmatist here but, there may be some truth in that because *** I want to snap my fingers and get you back to YOUR OLD HAPPY SELF*** – and away from daily people frustrations that may even have you going home and questioning your own self-belief. "BEEN THERE DONE THAT!!!"


You may think that this is just a sales pitch. That’s fine by me. If you do then you’re either very competent at people management and don’t need this offer or - you don’t manage or supervise people. So if you are in either of these situations then you probably don't need what I am about offer. 


But if on the other hand, you can relate to what I am saying here and want to confront your people confrontations fully armed and ready for action then you may want to read on because I have the required ammunition and believe me….




You see, with around 15 years’ experience in human resource management and another 5 years in managing people in business one just gets to learn a few things.


Yes…I have been bullied, I have been harassed and I have been threatened. Yes - threatened to be “KING HIT” (they were the  words he used)  in a work car park on my first day in a new job as a Human Resources Manager. Boy...what a way to start a new job! And, on a regular basis, have been involved in confrontations I have stated above. But this is ***YOUR GAIN*** because what I am about to offer you has been "fully battle tested" in some very challenging environments.



103 Golden Tips to Turbo Charge Your Employees, Skyrocket Productivity and Get More Output


Written by myself and with information sourced from the worlds past and present “BIG BOY” and “BIG GIRL” movers and shakers this 210 page book delivers to you like a highly paid consultant, 103 Golden Tips guaranteed to accelerate your people management success. I am going to deliver so much value that you will want to get this Book immediately. And I mean it!


This book features 5 parts and has been designed for the reader who wants to “take action now” and get rid of the self-doubts about managing people once and for or all. So let’s check it out…


Part 1: Assembling and Building Your Team

To be successful in managing people you must be able to build your dream team. In this first part we check out how, why and who needs to be part of your team and a truckload more information that includes: 

  • You’re Business Vision and objectives lead to your Destination (p.3),
  • Assess and know your strengths, weaknesses and needs (p. 5),
  • Why you need to Write Accurate Job Descriptions (p.7),
  • Know the job role Key Traits and build a success profile (p.10),
  • Common core values - the key to a cohesive team (p.13),
  • The Six Key Strengths that covers almost all job roles (p.19),
  • Look for “Energizers” to bring Motivation and Purpose (p.20),
  • Character types and how to build your dream team (p. 24),
  • Where and how to find such people (p. 29),
  • Do you have a tough position to fill? - Recruitment secret revealed (p.33), 
  • How to effectively launch your team and take it new heights (p.38).

After reading this section you will have a better understanding about recruitment than many recruiters accumulate in many months of hard work. But I am not going to stop yet. You got a whole lot more learning to do!


Part 2: Leading, Motivating, and Inspiring Your Team  

In this part we check out what to look for when forming your team and once formed, what to do to ensure you get the most out of your team. Just check out what you’re about to learn in Part 2: 

  • What you get when you offer a career not just a job (p.41),
  • Why it’s best to forge relationships – and not “Performance Manage” (p.42),
  • Why good attitudes create good quality (p.43),
  • How creating clear expectations leads to equals high output (p.46),
  • Why Micromanagement leads to Low Innovation (p.47),
  • Want high turnover then create a Fear-Based Environment (p.48),
  • Provide Employees with what they need to Succeed and you will to (p.52),
  • Be Positive - you’re not selling newspapers! (p.55),
  • Employees really want to succeed (p.57),
  • Need to motivate employees? "Secret Revealed" (p.59),
  • Why Communicating respectfully gains you respect (p.60),
  • Work with employees to set goals (p.61),
  • Give employees room to make decisions about their work and you get innovation (p.65),
  • Show gratitude for your employees and their work – but the timing is the secret (p.66),


Part 2 has been designed to explode your thinking and ensure that you know what's needed to form your assembling your dream team and explode your thinking and ensure that your mind is not only focused on the hands on tasks, but also focused on *Valuable Leadership Tips*that present greater output opportunities you thought may not even exist. But it doesn’t stop here. You got 3 more “HARD HITTING parts to digest.


Part 3: Managing, Clarifying, and Increasing Employee Performance 

  • Why clarifying expectations on Day 1 is a must (p.71),
  • Why you must link employee performance to outcomes (p.73),
  • How to use Metrics effectively (p.74),
  • Feedback + Action Plan + Follow-up = Support to Improve (p.76),
  • Why you must remove the issue of Money from the Table (p.77),
  • Discover other rewards that may have more value than money (p.80),
  • Recognize the mastery and intrinsic motivation  (p.81),
  • Why you must establish milestones and recognize achievements (p.83)
  • Set Realistic Targets - but even Fosbury had a limit (p.84),
  • Why it’s important to celebrate project and performance milestones (p.86),
  • One *BIG secret* to managing people revealed (p.87),
  • Develop standardized systems that work (p.88),
  • Identify confidence problems by clarifying priorities (p.89),
  • How to help employees manage tasks better (p.90),
  • A dolphin learns to jump through a hoop from immediate recognition – not annually (p.91),
  • Facts are better than Assumptions so ask the right questions (p.92),
  • Why you should offer opportunities to stretch employees (p.93),
  • Employees need to know what to do and how to do it (p.94),
  • How to take struggling employees and turn them into achievers (p.95),
  • Why only an accurate diagnosis presents a cure or solution  (p.96),


People management is a “life calling” so let’s get the lid back on the Aspirin and learn how to deal with those tuff moments once and for all and with "battle tested tips". Part 4 really has been designed to stop those "Sleepless Nights and Thumbing Heads". Just check out what you are about to learn in Part 4;


Part 4: Managing Conflict, Grievances, Poor Morale and Bad Apples

  • The most important word in your vocabulary (p.100),
  • Why it is to hear is to know is to understand (p.101),
  • The right time to admit your own mistakes (p.102),
  • What kills motivation and moral faster than “MACK 1” (P.103),
  • What make a good team and how to use this in recruitment and selection (p.104),
  • What’s required in a conflict that will actually increase synergy (P.106),
  • Why you must Deal with conflicts now and Sleep Better Tonight (P.107),
  • A secrete on how to Disarm Potential Disputes (p.108),
  • Why Conflict is just a Bottle Neck for Change (p.110),
  • How to deal and resolve employee conflict (p.111 – 116),
  • Bad attitudes are just Energy Sucking Vampires (p.118)
  • Why one Bad Apple can ruin a Whole Box (p.119),


Don’t underestimate what these little beauties can do for your business. But it’s not over until the *** lady sings.


Writing a people management book or turbo charging your people in the 21st century without featuring employer of choice would be like trying to fly a plane without fuel. Sure, it can be done in a glider but you still need fuel to get the glider in the air just like you need more leadership and “Employer of Choice” tips to get your business flying.


If you are a “newbie” to the leadership then this part will open up opportunities that you may not knew existed. If you are familiar with the leadership and what make an “Employer of Choice” then this part will no doubt reinforce what you already know.


Finally, if you’re a “People Manager Lemon” then this part will keep you high on the tree instead of getting "cut up" and squeezed for ever drop of Energy, Sympathy, and Happiness you currently have. So that you don't miss out on these guarded but tested leadership and “Employer of Choice” tips, just check out what’s install in Part 5:


Part 5: Leadership, Communication, and Creating Loyalty: Become an Employer of Choice: 

  • The Secret to Employee Motivation (p.124),
  • Why people need a Work-Life Balance (p.125),
  • Consider Offering Training and Tuition Reimbursement (p.127),
  • The Power of Career Counselling (p.129),
  • Exit Interviews tell you why Employees are leaving (p.131),
  • Why its important to create an Ethical Organization (p.132),
  • Its Unrealistic but Employees Seek Security (p.137),
  • What’s needed for effective decision making (138),
  • Only offer Flexible Work Arrangements to those you Trust (p.143),
  • How to Train Managers to Lead Effectively (p.147),
  • Strategies for Increasing Communication – if you must! (p.149),
  • What you must do to create and nurture innovation (p.151),
  • Can an Employee actually learn to Think Like an Owner (p.153),
  • What a leader must always to maintain respect (p.156),
  • Another Wage Currency as valuable as money (p.158),
  • How to Improve Total Rewards to cover all Bases (p.160).

And much, much more…

 This Book contains all these parts, a total of 5 parts. It all adds up to a total of:


103 Golden Tips to Turbo Charge Your Employees, Skyrocket Productivity and Get More Output




If a consultant came into your business tomorrow or spent a whole day with you, regurgitating and coughing up these 103 Golden Tips, chances are you would be pretty happy right? The consultants cost for this service will probably be anywhere from AUD $1000 upwards but this book is not going to cost you anywhere near that much.


You could learn these tips through personal experience. But beware; it will cost you  MANY YEARS OF HARD WORK, THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND LOT OF HEADACHES you don’t want. The good news is - I HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT FOR YOU. The choice is yours.


You could always take the easy way out and grab a copy of this book. Considering what it teaches, most people expect it to cost a whole lot more than under AUD $50. that value for money or what?


Don't delay. Seriously, I would hate to see you continue struggling day by day and slaving away trying to make all your people happy but always wondering what the consequences are going to be. 


Now consider what your life could be like if you do acquire this information. Before you know it, you confident shoots through the roof, you have so many battle tested ideas that you can’t wait to start putting in place and low and behold – you get back that old bounce you had before all this began pilling up on you. 


At Last...No more wondering!!! Now you know!!!

Perhaps you could go into a new consulting career – Imagine how that would feel?


Maybe you are already a consultant and you just want a new bag of fully battle tested golden tips to deploy at your next consult meeting!!! To make you that PRO that you always wanted to be.


Give yourself the greatest chance of experiencing all these wonderful benefits for you business or, if your a consultant then - get ready to Kick Your Competitors Butt.


To Your Business Success                                    

Paul Marshall                                                

Paul Marshall 


P.S. This really is one of the hottest turbo charging people management books available  You’ll discover powerful strategies for attracting, leading and improving people output and tapping into hidden potential like never before.  Don't Delay.